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Student Residence Permit Application Process

Create Date: 19.01.2022


1) Following your enrollment at a university, you are required to fill in the first application field for “Student Residence Permit” on the e-Residence system at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr. The information in this field is your personal information and you should be careful that there is no wrong or incomplete information as they will be used in our records. After filling in the application form, you are required to print and sign it.

2) You can get information regarding the documents, which you are required to submit after filling in the information on e-Residence system, from YİMER 157 line or at www.goc.gov.tr as well as from the university that you are enrolled at.

3) You are required to submit the documents above to the relevant unit of your university till the date notified to you during enrollment at university. In cases where there is a missing document, your documents shall not be received by the university.

4) Documents to be submitted to the university shall be submitted to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management by the university. Provincial Directorate of Migration Management may request additional information and documents in case of a need during evaluation process. For this reason, it is of great importance that you state your own contact information. Also, during this time, it is also very important that you do not credit any person or institution other than the personnel of Provincial Directorate of Migration Management and university so that procedures are carried out properly.

5) Following the completion of your residence permit application process, “a residence permit document” issued on behalf of you will be printed by the Directorate General of Migration Management and delivered to the address or university address you stated. After the delivery of your residence permit document to your address, an sms intended for informing will be sent to your telephone number if you stated during application.


1. Application form: This form is created by e-Residence system when residence permit application is completed. The application form is printed out and signed by foreigner and/or legal representative. https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/Ikamet/BasvuruFormuOrnegi/BasvuruFormuBos?tur=5

2. Original copy and photocopy of the passport or travel document: You are required to hold a passport or a travel document valid at least 60 (sixty) days beyond the duration of the requested residence permit. Please note that you are also required to provide the photocopy of your passport and the stamped passport page of your last entry into Turkey.

3. Four photos: Photo must have been taken within the last six months with a white background and as biometric

4. Valid health insurance (You are required to provide only one document appropriate for you out of the ones listed below regarding health insurance.)

4.1. You are required to apply for “general health insurance” to Social Security Institution within 3 months as of the first enrollment date of university. You can apply for a residence permit with an e-signed or signed and stamped document. (You are required to obtain this document by applying to Provincial Unit of Social Security Institution)

4.2. Private Health Insurance (If you do not apply for General Health Insurance within 3 months as of the first enrollment date, you can take out private health insurance.) 

4.3. In case you obtain, you can apply for a residence permit with an e-signed/ signed and sealed/stamped document which is received from Provincial Unit of Social Security Institution and which enables the access to health services in Turkey within the scope of bilateral social security agreements. 

4.4. You can also apply for a residence permit with an e-signed/signed and sealed/stamped certificate of authorization received from Social Security Institution.

5. Student certificate: The certificate received from the university which you are enrolled at must be e-signed/signed and sealed/stamped.

6. Document showing your address information: It is very important that we communicate with you. Because by this means you can have access to the rights and services in Turkey. So, the address and contact information that you state must be valid and correct. For your address information, you are required to provide a document showing your address (Rent, dormitory, pension, etc.) in Turkey clearly and correctly. (For example, a signed/stamped document received from dormitory management if you are staying in a dormitory or a notarized rental contract if you are staying as a tenant, etc.)

7. Residence permit card fee receipt: Amount of card fee is included in your residence permit application form. You are required to add the receipt to your application documents after making your payment at the tax offices or the bank.


1. If you are applying for a residence permit for the first time, you are required to apply within the duration of a visa or a visa exemption. Otherwise your application shall not be accepted. Furthermore, “Extension Application” may be lodged via e-Residence system within sixty days prior to the expiration of the residence permit and, in any case, before the expiration of the residence permit.

2. In cases where there is a change in your state of education within the same province, you are required to notify Provincial Directorate of Migration Management of this change within 20 working days. (In cases where there is a change in faculty or department in the same province or in case of a different university enrollment in the same province.)

3. If you are going to continue your higher education in a different province, you are required to notify Provincial Directorate of Migration Management located in the province of your new university of this change within 10 working days. Your procedures shall be carried out by Provincial Directorate of Migration Management located in the province of your new university. In case of this kind of change, for your legal stay in Turkey, it is important that you make this notification as there will be a change in your residence permit document.

4. Student residence permit shall be cancelled in cases such as enrollment freezing, university dropout, no re-enrollment. It is important that you pay attention to these issues in terms of the continuity of your student residence permit.

5. As long as you reside in Turkey on a student residence permit, you have the “right of work”. This right shall start after the first year if you are an associate or undergraduate student while it shall start without time limit if you are a graduate or doctoral student. This service is carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and you can get detailed information from the ALO 170 information line.

6. In case of a change in your personal information (such as your marital status, address passport, etc.), you are required to notify Provincial Directorate of Migration Management of this change within 20 days.

7. Residence permit document (card) submitted to you includes the expiry date of your residence permit. If you wish to continue to stay in Turkey even after the expiry of this period, you are required to extend your residence permit period before the expiration of your residence permit.

8. If you are under 18 and you request a residence permit in order to have a higher education in Turkey, you are required to present the documents below: 

8.1. Letter of consent: You are required to have the permission of your parents to study and reside in Turkey and therefore it is required to hold a letter of consent issued by competent authorities in your country. 

8.2. Birth certificate

9. Documents provided from your country with the aim of applying for a residence permit in Turkey are required to be with Apostille or to be approved by the consulate of your country in Turkey. If you present the document issued in your country with Apostille, you just need to have it translated and notarized. However, if you present the document without Apostille, you are required to have the document approved by the Embassy or the consulate of your country in Turkey. Furthermore, in cases where you do not have the necessary documents with Apostille or you could not have them approved by your representatives in Turkey or in cases where the representatives in question give a post-dated appointment, you are required to apply to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management.