Sevgi Foundation is a non-governmental organization that has dedicated all of its resources to education services. It has seen education as the central area of service and an essential foundation service to train generations for good for the country and the nation.

Sevgi Foundation supports educational efforts, helps successful and needy students complete their education, and participates in the service for people primarily through its support of student scholarships.

Sevgi Foundation has determined its purpose as "to protect students from primary school to higher education, prioritize and educate the skilled and needy, help them take education abroad when necessary, ensure that these students become patriotic and tied to our national culture in a context of a positive mentality, and help institutions and organizations be established and provide educational activities to train scientists needed by our country for this purpose."

Sevgi Foundation shows that it aims to use its resources to contribute to the education services at any level, both at home and abroad. It shows that it willingly provides its addressees with its existing resources to educate students and train faculty members when necessary.

The education services provided in various areas by Sevgi Foundation are as follows:

  • Opening courses,
  • Helping students specialize at home and abroad,
  • Supplying or building dormitories, when necessary, to provide students with accommodation, board and lodging,
  • Setting students' resting camps,
  • Engaging in sports activities,
  • Establishing health facilities, when necessary, for the treatment of students,
  • Training those who want to complete their schools by passing exams externally by opening courses following the programs of these establishments,
  • Recruiting teachers and educators,
  • Supplying and publishing auxiliary books or works,
  • Supplying and establishing libraries, conference and public education rooms,
  • Showing educative movies, plays,
  • Organizing sports and cultural contests,
  • Opening private preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, universities and any educational institutions,
  • Supplying by leasing, purchasing or constructing necessary buildings for Quran courses, religious vocational schools and Islamic higher institutions, and ensuring their alteration, maintenance and repair,
  • Opening cultural centres,
  • Opening students' dormitories.

The services mentioned above of the foundation have continued since its establishment. It has continued its activities with the resources provided by benefactors. It has contributed to our country's education by using its incomes obtained from its goods in activities contributing to education.

Public conferences continue in the flat where the foundation operates. These conferences and seminars that people of all ages who want to train themselves can attend appear to their followers with a different topic each week.

Sevgi Foundation founded LokmanHekim University to invent a new study according to the necessities of the time in the recent period. LokmanHekim University will continue its studies to remedy the deficiency of our country in health education and train enterprising and conscious individuals by supporting students who will have an education there.

Sevgi Foundation will continue its efforts to become a world-leading nation again by transferring the heritage of its ancestors, who always led the world in history, to future generations.

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