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  • Sevgi Foundation is a non-governmental organization that dedicates all its resources to education services. It views education as the cornerstone of its service, believing it to be an essential foundation for nurturing future generations who will benefit both the country and the nation.

    Sevgi Foundation supports educational efforts, assists successful and underprivileged students in completing their education, and contributes to society primarily through its student scholarship program.

    It defines its purpose as "protecting students from primary school to higher education, prioritizing and educating talented and underprivileged individuals, supporting their international education when necessary, ensuring these students become patriotic and rooted in our national culture with a positive mindset, and facilitating the establishment of institutions and organizations to provide educational activities that train scientists needed by our country."

    Through its existing resources, Sevgi Foundation aims to contribute to education services at all levels, both domestically and internationally. It readily provides its beneficiaries with its resources to educate students and train faculty members whenever needed.

    Here are the diverse education services offered by Sevgi Foundation:

    • Opening educational courses

    • Assisting students in specializing both locally and abroad

    • Providing or constructing dormitories when necessary to ensure student accommodation and access to board and lodging

    • Establishing student rest camps

    • Organizing sports activities

    • Establishing healthcare facilities, when necessary, for student treatment

    • Offering preparatory courses for individuals seeking to complete their education through external exams, following the programs of respective institutions

    • Recruiting teachers and educators

    • Providing and publishing auxiliary books and materials

    • Establishing and equipping libraries, conference rooms, and public education spaces

    • Screening educational films and plays

    • Organizing sports and cultural competitions

    • Opening private preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, universities, and any other educational institutions

    • Securing necessary buildings for Quran courses, religious vocational schools, and Islamic higher institutions through lease, purchase, or construction, and ensuring their maintenance and repair

    • Opening cultural centers

    • Opening student dormitories

    These services have been continuously offered by the foundation ever since its establishment. It sustains its activities through the generous contributions of benefactors and utilizes income generated from its assets towards educational initiatives.

    Public conferences featuring diverse topics continue to be held in the foundation's headquarters, welcoming individuals of all ages seeking self-improvement.

    In recent years, Sevgi Foundation established Lokman Hekim University to pioneer new fields of study in response to contemporary needs. Lokman Hekim University aims to address the country's deficiency in healthcare education and cultivate enterprising and conscientious individuals by supporting students enrolled in its programs.

    Sevgi Foundation remains committed to its efforts in making our nation a global leader once again, by transmitting the legacy of its forefathers who consistently shaped the course of history, to future generations.


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