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  • Since its establishment, Sevgi Foundation has dedicated itself solely to education, recognizing it as the bedrock of progress for both individuals and the nation. Their unwavering commitment fuels their work in supporting educational endeavors, empowering successful and underprivileged students, and ultimately, contributing to a thriving community.

    Sevgi Foundation's mission is twofold: to safeguard students throughout their educational journey, from primary school to higher education, and to prioritize the development of skilled and disadvantaged individuals. 

    This mission extends beyond borders, offering support for international study opportunities when needed. Importantly, the foundation has  its beneficiaries a deep sense of patriotism and cultural pride, fostering a positive and open-minded outlook.

    Their dedication manifests in a diverse range of services:

    • Scholarships and educational support: Enabling students to pursue their academic dreams, regardless of financial constraints.

    • Skill development and specialized training: Equipping students with the knowledge and expertise to excel in their chosen fields, both domestically and internationally.

    • Student housing and infrastructure: Providing comfortable and well-equipped dormitories, ensuring students have secure accommodation and a supportive environment.

    • Health and well-being: Establishing essential health facilities and organizing sports activities to promote physical and mental well-being.

    • Educational resources and enrichment: Supplying and publishing auxiliary materials, establishing libraries and learning spaces, and organizing stimulating cultural events like movies, plays, and contests.

    • Institutional development: Recruiting educators, establishing educational institutions, and supporting existing institutes for Quran courses, religious vocational schools, and Islamic higher education.

    Beyond these dedicated services, Sevgi Foundation fosters a vibrant learning environment for the wider community. Public conferences and seminars offer open access to enriching topics for individuals of all ages. This dedication to lifelong learning exemplifies the foundation's genuine commitment to empowering individuals and enriching the cultural landscape. In a recent endeavor, Sevgi Foundation established Lokman Hekim University, a pioneering institution aiming to address the nation's need for exceptional healthcare education. By supporting students and fostering entrepreneurial and mindful graduates, the university promises to significantly impact the future of healthcare in Turkey. Sevgi Foundation's vision extends beyond borders, aiming to restore Turkey's historic position as a world leader. By nurturing future generations with the values and skills inherited from their ancestors, they strive to build a brighter future for the nation and the world.


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