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  • Dear Students,

    As the future we strive for and the very reason for our

    existence, you, students, hold immense promise. It is with this belief that

    Lokman Hekim University, a young but already distinguished institution, welcomes you. Founded on the vision of becoming a "world-renowned, respected university leading progress in health science by synthesizing Eastern and Western knowledge, while forging a unique educational approach," we have grown steadily thanks to our dedication and social awareness projects. We have full confidence that with your diligence and the contributions of our esteemed faculty, our university will rise to become a global brand in healthcare. The key to this success lies in our shared love, passion, and drive. Lokman Hekim University harnesses the strength of its 25-year

    legacy of Lokman Hekim Hospitals and boasts a committed academic staff. We

    believe in assertive health education and prioritize internationalization to create a truly global learning environment. Here, you'll find dedicated mentors who yearn to shape the world's finest healthcare professionals. They prioritize learning through

    experience and collaboration, embracing the philosophy of "learning together" as your true masters. Our mission is to nurture leaders who will not only steer our

    nation but also leave their mark on the world. We eagerly await your arrival,

    your enthusiasm to share in our mission, and your journey towards realizing your own aspirations.

    Together, let us strive for these ideals and ascend to new heights.


    Professor Dr. Fatih Gültekin Rector


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