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  • The stunning developments in the world and the life going by remind us that we should fulfil our responsibilities towards people and the society as soon as possible. Looking from existence, we see that the most permanent and effective method of reaching the humankind and guiding him properly is education. Education is the most important element and even the indicator of development. To set the tone of the world and to grow up good generations are possible through education. No effort, time and resource to be used for this purpose will run to waste, go for nothing. In other words, any investment to be made in education means an investment made in people, and any investment made in people means an investment made in the humankind and the future, well-being and peace of the humankind. We set out with these motives. Our goal and intention is first of all to serve for our country and our nation. Our purpose is then serve the world and the humankind and to train generations that will serve the peace and happiness of the humankind. We can define our LokmanHekim University as a university that has the goals of education, research, social contribution and finally entrepreneurship. Our biggest ideal is to be a nationally and internationally leading university targeting production, productivity and benefit to people… We start with a sense that uses technology, but doesn’t disappear in it, touches the human, stays close to life and the living beings, knows that everything in the world is the most valuable and serves knowledge and science with the conscience that it serves the human… We start by aiming to be different, to be able to remain different, and to produce differently and with mindfulness… We start by using all dynamics of education with a different approach to university education and to university youth… We start in order to use the accumulation of thousands of years of the humankind together with learning coaching and learning companionship in addition to the classical formal teaching techniques and to bring a different approach to education. Take care of yourself… Dr. Mehmet ALTUĞ  Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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