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    1. Equipping graduates with universal knowledge, skills, and competencies: To excel as a leading university in health education, we aim to equip our graduates with the invaluable knowledge, adaptable skills, and versatile competencies they need to thrive in the global healthcare landscape.

    2. Advancing and disseminating scientific knowledge: Committed to advancing and disseminating scientific knowledge, we foster a vibrant research culture that generates impactful discoveries and solutions for both local and global challenges.

    3. Contributing to the economy: Recognizing the vital role of education in economic development, we strive to contribute to the local, regional, and national economies by translating our knowledge into tangible solutions and fostering skilled professionals who drive innovation.

    4. Promoting ethical and social well-being: We uphold the highest ethical standards and are dedicated to improving healthy life at both the individual and social levels. We believe in nurturing responsible and compassionate healthcare professionals who are committed to serving their communities.


    Our vision is to become a respected and globally recognized university in the health sector, renowned for our innovative and authentic educational approach. By drawing inspiration from both Western and Eastern scientific advancements, we aspire to create a unique "Ecole" model that sets us apart and attracts the brightest minds from around the world. Through excellence in research, education, and service, we aim to be a leading force in shaping a healthier and more equitable future for all

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