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Dean’s Message

Eklenme Tarihi: 30 March 2019


I greet you with respect on behalf of the academic members of Faculty of Medicine, Lokman Hekim University. Lokman Hekim University is a young and dynamic university that started academic operations in the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Our University delivers education in medical sciences including Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Sports Sciences, and Vocational Health High School. Lokman Hekim University, Faculty of Medicine began education in the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Students of Faculty of Medicine have completed Term III, i.e., “Education of Basic Medical Sciences”, and will start Term VI, i.e., “Education of Clinical Sciences” in the 2021-2022 Academic Year. We, as academic members, are pleased with the education that has been maintained until this term.

Study at Faculty of Medicine is 6 years in our country as in the entire world. Medical study consists of two main parts: “Education of Basic Medical Sciences” and “Education of Clinical Sciences”.  “Education of Basic Medical Sciences” provides basic medical information and the education period is three years. The first two years are completely allocated to basic medical study. The students are educated on the development of human organism, cell structure, molecular structure and functions of cell, tissue structure, organs, organ anatomy and functions, pathogenic microorganisms, theoretical and practical laboratory applications. The third year of Education of Basic Medical Sciences is a term where there are courses for transition to clinical sciences and where both basic information on medicine and courses for transition to clinical sciences are delivered together. In this term, students are educated on the organ pathologies associated with diseases in the human organism, drugs used in medicine, disease mechanisms, ways to protect from diseases, and limited number of disease symptoms. Medical students who have completed Term III are ready for bedside education in clinics.

The second year of medical study entirely covers a study related to clinical sciences. It involves delivery of clinical courses, performance of bedside applications, and “Clinical Courses and Applications”. In the first two years of these three years, academic members provide students with lecture on the diseases concerning all clinical branches, and bedside clinical applications are performed. So, it is an interactive education based on the “master-apprentice” relationship. The students study on the clinical characteristics of diseases, receive theoretical information on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, and are educated on the approach to patients, patient-physician relationship, and communication. Students learn from the academic members the patient-physician relationship during the clinical applications in accordance with “Medical Ethics”.

The sixth year of medical study is the clinical internship based completely on clinical applications. Students of Term VI are called “intern”. During this term of one year, the medical students may participate into clinical applications as a physician under the supervision of academic members. A medical student who completes the sixth year successfully receives a diploma as a physician.

Lokman Hekim University, Faculty of Medicine is a young and dynamic school. Our Faculty has completed establishment of all departments in basic medicine and clinical sciences for medical study and set up an adequate infrastructure. In our Faculty, departments of Basic Medicine and Clinical Sciences have adequate and experienced academic members.

Lokman Hekim University, Faculty of Medicine delivers Education of Basic Medical Sciences in the main campus of university (Söğütözü/Ankara). Education of Clinical Sciences is delivered at Ankara Hospital of Lokman Hekim University (Sincan /Ankara).

The medical students are provided with modern classrooms, modern laboratories, medical skill laboratory and training laboratory with one microscope per student for the Education of Basic Medical Sciences. It has also a library and social facility for students.

Lokman Hekim University’s medical students receive “Education of Clinical Sciences” at Ankara Hospital of Lokman Hekim University, a foundation hospital owned by the university. Lokman Hekim University Ankara Hospital has intensive care facilities for any branches, is capable to perform any surgical procedure, and has many types of patients for the purposes of training. Our hospital also has adequate number of academic members that are qualified and experienced for student education in clinical branches.

Our objectives in medical study are to provide students with basic information and applications on medicine and allow them to acquire current knowledge. Our primary objective is to educate our students as a physician who investigates, questions, is sensitive to community health and follows medical ethics. In delivery of medical study, we always consider that educated colleagues are likely to work anywhere in the world. Furthermore, our management and academic members exert effort as necessary to instil a spirit and customs of researcher into our students. We also encourage our students to take part in student exchange programs to have experience in foreign countries.

The young colleagues who chose Lokman Hekim University Faculty of Medicine will graduate as they have received an up-to-date medical study throughout an education period of 6 years. We are a firm believer in that Lokman Hekim Faculty of Medicine graduates will successfully perform the profession of a doctor in the country and in foreign countries.

Yours faithfully,


Prof Dr Mehmet Doğanay


Lokman Hekim University, Faculty of Medicine

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