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Mouth and Dental Health MENU

Mission and Vision

Eklenme Tarihi: 30 May 2019


It is to contribute to the development of individuals who have the professional knowledge and skills to work in the organizations/institutions conducting business in the health sector, competencies that should be possessed within the requirements of the sector and the market conditions with the speed and ability to follow the current developments, act with the aim of providing the best service in line with the continuous development and learning objectives and who are dynamic, far-sighted, prone to team work, have high communication skills and strong analytical thinking skills and respect the ethical values ​​required by the profession and devoted to our national values ​​and Atatürk’s principles and revolutions.


It is to reach education standards that can compete at both national and international levels by using advanced training techniques with the aim of increasing the quality of education and to educate qualified personnel, who have reached the highest level of knowledge in their fields, respect universal values ​​and people and lead the change and innovation.