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Mouth and Dental Health MENU

Program Introduction

Create Date: 22.06.2021

They are healthcare personnel who prepare the environment required for any clinical work of dentist and who assist the dentist with laboratory procedures during the treatment of patients.

The objective of oral and dental health program is to educate health technicians who are able to prepare dental equipment and materials in dental clinics, who ensure disinfection and sterilization of dental items, who assist the dentist during the treatment, and who are assigned to preventive dentistry applications and oral hygiene training.  Students assume the title of “Oral and Dental Health Technician” when they graduate from this program.

What does an Oral and Dental Health Technician do?

  • They prepare dental units for examination and other procedures, and perform pre-wash, surface disinfection and sterilization of materials used.
  • They assist the dentist with patient examination.
  • They provide and prepare the required materials based on the treatment method used by the dentist, and assist the treating physician during the treatment procedures.
  • They ensure supply and control of treatment and consumable materials in the clinic.
  • They assist the dentist in preventive dentistry applications.


Employment Areas

  • All the public and private hospitals,
  • Oral and dental health centres,
  • Private dental clinics,
  • Dental prosthesis and orthodontics laboratories

Education Opportunities after Associate Degree Programs

The students may be transferred to undergraduate departments including “Emergency and Disaster Management, Nursing, Health Management and Social Service” through the vertical transfer exam (DGC) conducted by ÖSYM.