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Anaesthesia Programme MENU


Eklenme Tarihi: 26 March 2019

Developments in science and technology lead to rapid changes in the field of health. However, the importance attached to health and the increases in the quality of health services enhance the competition among health institutions. Besides the resource features such as physical structure, equipment, manpower and finance in the delivery of health services, the way of service delivery and satisfaction of the service areas are shown as the most defining characteristics in the inter-agency competition. For these reasons, it is necessary that the health personnel who will provide these services should be trained with changing and developing medical science and technological equipment and the educational institutions should be at the level to meet this need.

Today, there is a need for intermediate staff that has been trained according to the requirements of the services in the field of anaesthesia and reanimation.  It is known that the monitoring of patient life parameters with the monitors which are advanced technology products during the operation depends on the trained manpower that can evaluate this data accurately and make the required interventions on time.

The aim of the Anaesthesia Programme of Lokman Hekim University is to raise the qualified manpower in health with the aim of contributing to the health development of the society and meeting the expectations of the health sector.

The graduates of the program will have the title of ”Anaesthesia Technician’’.  They will have job opportunities under supervision of anaesthesiologist in operating rooms, intensive care units and pain clinics at university, state hospitals and private hospitals.

We expect to be with you in our university with developing and strengthening academic staff and technological infrastructure.

Admission and Registration Requirements: For Turkish students, students are required to take the examination conducted by Assessment Selection and Placement center (ÖSYM). Students are placed in these programs according to their preferences by OSYM according to their score (TYT). As a result of the Examination for Foreign Students (YÖS), foreign students should be placed in the relevant department of the University with a central placement system.

Recognition of Previous Learning: Students who are transferred to the program via undergraduate transfer or who have previously studied at other universities may be exempted from the courses they have taken in these institutions by the decision of the Board of Directors.

Graduation Requirements: In order for a student to graduate from the program, the student must take the courses required for the graduation, complete 120 credit hours, successfully complete internship and similar studies and the grade point average must be at least 2.00 for graduation.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: The success of a student from a course is determined according to the letter grade which is calculated with 40% of the mid-term exam and 60% of the final exam. In order for the student be considered successful in a course, the student must receive at least CC letter grade.

Employment Opportunities: The graduates of the program can work within the health institutions and organizations in the public and private sector.

Access to Further Studies: Candidates who have completed their associate degree education can apply to the undergraduate programs determined by Assessment Selection and Placement center ÖSYM by taking the External Transfer Exam carried out by ÖSYM.