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  • First and Emergency Aid Programme:


    To develop highly skilled health technicians capable of delivering comprehensive pre-hospital emergency care. This includes:

    • Basic and advanced life support to stabilize patients and minimize injury after accidents or medical emergencies.

    • Expert recognition and assessment of various types of trauma across all body systems.

    • Safe and efficient patient transfer using ambulances, while providing ongoing first aid during transportation.

    Anesthesia Programme:


    To train competent and knowledgeable healthcare professionals equipped to support critical care and pain management within hospitals. Graduates will be able to:

    • Apply theoretical and practical knowledge in intensive care and pain units, contributing to optimal patient care.

    • Demonstrate mastery of technical procedures and operate specialized equipment used in anesthesia and intensive care settings.

    • Assist physicians during anesthesia procedures in operating rooms, ensuring patient safety and smooth medical interventions.


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