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  • Dear Students,

    For the academic year 2023 – 2024, partial-time positions are available for students to work at Nfit Club Sports Hall affiliated with our university.

    To access the Application Form, click here...

    Students interested in part-time work should fill out the information in the "Part-Time Job Application Form" found in the announcements section of our university's intranet (internet) page completely and submit it to the Social Cultural Affairs Coordination Unit by 17:00 on 20.05.2024 at the latest.

    Applications will be evaluated by the Social Cultural Affairs Coordination Unit. The evaluation result will be communicated to the student who qualifies for part-time work.

    CRITERIA FOR APPLICANTS: Students who meet the following criteria may be employed in temporary positions in higher education institutions, with priority given to students who receive scholarships from the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution or who meet scholarship requirements:

    1. Being registered as a student at our university, excluding non-thesis master's students and special students,
    2. Not having received disciplinary punishment,
    3. Not having income at the level of minimum wage except for orphan's pension and alimony,
    4. Not having had their part-time work contract unilaterally terminated by the SKS Directorate,
    5. Having the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities for the job, and preferably previous experience working in a sports hall,
    6. Not being a student on leave of absence or a foreign student,
    7. Not being an extended student. (Applications of students who have exceeded the normal duration of their studies will not be considered. Even if these students are selected, contracts will not be signed with them.)

    WORKING HOUR PRINCIPLES: Students can work a maximum of 15 (fifteen) hours per week. The weekly work schedule is prepared by the sports hall staff, taking into account the student's class schedule. A student works on one of the specified working days groups per week, according to their availability.

    Social Cultural Affairs Contact: sks@lokmanhekim.edu.tr

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