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    As a practical manifestation of Lokman Hekim University's scientific, social, cultural, and artistic activities, the Medical Faculty organizes a photo contest within the scope of the March 14th Medicine Day events. The theme of the contest is "Ankara in its 100th Year," and the contest is open to Lokman Hekim University staff, faculty members, students, and their close relatives.

    The objective of the contest is to capture and share through the use of photography technique and art various aspects of life in Ankara, including urban and rural life, human and portrait images, architecture, landscape, nature, vegetation, birds, butterflies, insects, and animal diversity.

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    1. Participants in the contest are limited to Lokman Hekim University staff, faculty members, students, and their first-degree relatives, excluding members of the selection committee.

    2. Each participant may submit up to 4 black and white or color works.

    3. Submitted photos must be in digital format, and printed photos can be converted to digital format (scanned) for submission.

    4. Photos submitted to the contest should be in JPG/JPEG format, with a resolution of 150-300 dpi, and should not exceed 2 MB or be less than 5 MB.

    5. Various photographic techniques, such as color, tone, sharpness, and composition adjustments, may be applied to the submitted photos.

    6. Photos taken with manned or unmanned aerial vehicles are eligible for the contest.

    7. Photos should be submitted without borders or gaps, and no text, marks, etc., should be present on the photos.

    8. Participants must affirm that the submitted photos are entirely their own, and they assume full legal responsibility for any copyright infringements that may arise from using others' photos.

    9. Participants must declare that they have obtained all necessary permissions related to the submitted artwork.

    10. Photos should be saved and submitted with a 7-digit nickname (Example: 1234567/1). The nickname on the participation form must match the participant's information. The participation form should be submitted along with the photos.

    11. The shooting date (month-year) and location information for each photo must be specified in the participation form (these details are requested for future archival purposes).

    12. By participating in this contest, participants are considered to have accepted all participation conditions.

    13. Photos and the participation form should be sent via email to tipyarisma@lokmanhekim.edu.tr by the deadline. Different submission methods will not be accepted.

    14. The owners of the photos that are awarded or deemed worthy of exhibition declare that they will not make any copyright or material/mental claims other than the awarded prize regarding the use of their photos by Lokman Hekim University.

    15. The usage rights of these works also belong to the artist. The works will be used in Lokman Hekim University promotions, events, and publications with the name of the artist.

    16. The results of the competition will be announced by the Rectorate.

    17. A exhibition will be prepared consisting of successful and exhibition-worthy photos at the end of the competition.


    Deadline for Submission: March 1, 2024

    Selection Committee Meeting: March 5, 2024

    Result Notification Date: March 6, 2024

    Exhibition and Award Ceremony Date: March 14, 2024


    Prof. Dr. Adnan Ataç (Photographic Artist)

    Prof. Dr. Kamil Öge (Photographic Artist)

    Prof. Dr. Taner Kıral (Photographic Artist)

    Erdoğan Dede (Photographic Artist)

    Murat Berkyürek (Photographic Artist)

    At the end of the competition, the selection committee will choose 3 successful photos and 17 photos worthy of exhibition. The award/document presentation for the successful photos will take place during the exhibition opening.


    Email: tipyarisma@lokmanhekim.edu.tr

    Phone: 444 8 548 / 61000



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