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  • Dear Students

    The Turkish Proficiency Exam will be held face-to-face on Monday 1 July 2024 at 09.30 am.
    Content of the exam: In the exam, 4 basic language skills (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) will be measured and question types from each skill will be included.
    Reading section consists of 40 minutes, Listening section 50 minutes, Writing section 70 minutes and Speaking section 10 minutes, totalling 170-175 minutes.
    Note There will be a break before the speaking exam.

    1. Content of the session (09.30 - 12.10)

    Reading Section
    Listening Section
    Writing Department
    Examination Location: B Block 8th floor, classroom803 .

    1. Content of the session (13.00- 15.00)

    Speaking Test: It consists of independent speaking questions.
    Examination Location: B Block 7th Floor 705 classroom.
    (Students will be examined in alphabetical order).

    - Students must be ready at the specified time and in the classroom. Students who arrive after the exam time will not be taken to the exam .
    - During the exam, students are forbidden to talk among themselves and especially to communicate in a language other than Turkish.
    - Students are required to have a pencil, eraser, student ID (ID card or passport) with them.

    Your exam results will be announced until 5 July and will be announced on the DİLMER web page.

    We wish you all success.
    For your questions and more, you can contact us via dilmer@lokmanhekim.edu.tr e-mail address.

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