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  • Lokman Hekim University, established in 2018, is a pioneer in health education with a research-oriented corporate culture. We educate and train over 3,900 students across 15 undergraduate programs in 5 faculties: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, and Sport Sciences. We also offer 11 associate degrees and a vibrant postgraduate program with 22 Master's (Thesis and non-Thesis) and 9 Doctorate programs through our Health Sciences Institute.

    Our education benefits from two unique strengths:

    • Nearly 25 years of experience: Lokman Hekim Health Group, a leader in healthcare services, provides our students with unparalleled expertise and practical training opportunities through our state-of-the-art university hospital facility.

    • Assertive and multidisciplinary academic staff: We attract and retain some of the best minds in healthcare, ensuring our students receive cutting-edge knowledge and diverse perspectives.

    We actively contribute to the local, regional, and national healthcare landscape by:

    • Empowering graduates: We cultivate individuals with the competence to realize their potential, produce in the light of scientific knowledge, and take initiative to contribute to society.

    • Promoting healthy living: We encourage students to consider and develop healthy life practices both at the individual and social level.

    • Adhering to ethical values: We instill strong ethical principles in our graduates, shaping future healthcare leaders who prioritize integrity and patient well-being.

    Our first graduates received their diplomas in August 2020, demonstrating our commitment to rapid and effective healthcare education.

    Our campus in Ankara, the heart of Turkey, fosters a dynamic and international learning environment, attracting students from across the country and beyond.

    Visit our website (link) to learn more about Lokman Hekim University and how you can join our mission to shape the future of healthcare.


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