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Why LHÜ?

Eklenme Tarihi: 14 February 2019

An innovative approach to health education.

Think of a future in which you are trained with an approach that hasn’t lost its validity for thousands of years, with its face both towards the West with all of the innovations in health and the East with all of the conventional facts with indisputable benefits. In which perhaps you could develop new treatment methods that will be called your name by training with the knowledge of conventional and modern medicine…

A university at the center of the city, easy to reach, having social opportunities.

Think of a future in which your university is at a distance to which you can take any means of transport, and from which you can go anywhere almost without loss of time and money; it is, not just for the sake of conversation, but really at the heart of Ankara and any social opportunities that you may need…

Don’t think more,  The future is awaiting you.

Opportunity for medical and health sciences students to work on cadavers.

Think of a future in which you are in the health department at a university backed with the support and name of a great health institution. Everything is true, everything is professional, and you work on cadavers and realistic models to understand and ensure human health.

Opportunity to have applied education in modern and state of the art technology laboratories.

Think of a future in which you can make research with competent people in multidisciplinary laboratories in which any resource is provided to support you to become competent in health, which will be used by you for the first time, built with state of the art technology, and equipped with modern equipment…


Opportunity to make research and take place in projects together with faculty members.

Think of a future in which there are many educators who carry out projects and make research at the university where you can take undergraduate and postgraduate education, and they also help you to take place in their projects and to gain the skills to make research and use advanced laboratory equipment.

Opportunity to have two diplomas thanks to double major and minor programs.

Think of a future in which you are a very successful student, you can enroll in one more department in addition to the department in which you are registered, and you graduate with two diplomas by passing the different courses in that department.

Opportunity to learn and develop conventional medical methods via the Conventional and Complementary Medical Practices Center to be established within the university.

Think of a future in which there is a conventional and complementary medical center at your university, and new treatment methods in which conventional medical practices having been implemented for thousands of years and modern medical practices are combined are developed in presence of you, and even with you.

Programs for our students who prepare for TUS and USMLE exams at university.

Think of a future in which there are teachers experienced in preparation for TUS exams in the staff of the university you study at, and any support you will need is beside you. You also have encouragement and support to prepare for USMLE exams having validity all over the world.

Opportunity to intern and work at modern hospitals across Ankara during education.

Think of a future in which you will do practices and studies at hospitals and medical centers at four different locations in Ankara and you will even have a job if you like immediately after you graduate since your university has made an affiliation agreement with Lokman Hekim Health Group.

Opportunity of education and internship in different countries thanks to the international student exchange.

Think of a future in which your university has made every agreement with the relevant institutions, and there is no obstacle for you to take education abroad, Erasmus being in the first place. Hurry up, perhaps your internship agreement has already been made.

Opportunity to learn at least one occupational foreign language at any department.

Think of a future in which you find the opportunity to learn world languages in addition to English, which you learn for your occupation.

Opportunity of education with uninterrupted scholarship during education.

Think of a future in which you have no worry about any interruption of your scholarship regardless of your grade point average or the number of courses that you pass during the normal period of education of the program in which your are registered.

Opportunity to gain a global vision by taking courses from foreign faculty members.

Think of a future in which your university brings you together with the world’s best faculty members at school or in distance education programs. Thus, your foreign language is improved, and you have known values that could be a reference to you for postgraduate education, and also for working life.

Comfortable, modern, technologic education and rest areas for students.

Think of a future in which you take education in which there are internet access, and relaxing, entertaining and socializing areas which belong to you, and where you can healthily eat and drink, and you find the vast opportunities to make research and study in a luminous, quiet and disabled friendly library at your university…


Our university building is 8 km to the city center, 12 km to the ring road, 4 km to the intercity bus station, 8.5 km to YHT station and 34 km to the airport. Transport services are provided by metro, bus and minibuses.

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