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  • OBJECTIVES AND OUR GOALS Our Faculty of Pharmacy has the title of "First Faculty of Pharmacy" established within a foundation university in Ankara which is the capital of health. Our Faculty of Pharmacy offers an education model which is fully compatible with the Pharmacy Undergraduate Core Training Program and planned with a modern, innovative and perfectionist approach by our strong and experienced academic staff with the responsibility and awareness of being the first in Ankara. Our aim as the Faculty of Pharmacy is to raise pharmacists who

    • take the basic values ​​and ethical rules of universal science,
    • has the qualifications, knowledge and skill level that can take an active role in different fields of pharmacy and guide the future of pharmacy,
    • will be able to perform their profession at the international level in the best way,
    • who have adopted the principles of pharmaceutical care and lifelong learning philosophy.

    Besides applied courses to be carried out in education and research laboratories that are fully equipped and in compliance with the principles of occupational health and safety, our Faculty of Pharmacy offers the students

    • Practical pharmaceutical training in Vocational Skills and Simulation Laboratory
    • Applied clinical pharmacy education in the hospitals of the university
    • Practical Phytopharmacy training at the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application Center that will be established within the University
    • Opportunities to work in the industry during training periods.
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