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Dean’s Message

Create Date: 22.03.2019

Founded at the nation’s capital Ankara, the “First Foundation Faculty of Pharmacy” aims to train prospective pharmacists who drive and implement the change in the industry.

From the first day, you step into the Faculty of Pharmacy at Lokman Hekim University, you will observe the difference and drive change with our skilled and experienced academic staff  who has “broken grounds’’ in the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey.  After a comprehensive 5-year education, you will not just adopt the philosophy of lifelong learning but also gain the knowledge and skills  to successfully represent our profession at both national and international platforms and.  As you carry the rightful pride of being a graduate of Lokman Hekim University Faculty of Pharmacy , you will be at the forefront of healthcare professionals as pharmacists.

Dear prospective pharmacist friends,

Guided by philosopher Heraclitus’ statement “The only thing that does not change is change”, we are equipped to change the classical training model in pharmacy education both nationally and globally. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this movement of medicine development and 21st century pharmaceutical services? We invite you to be change agents in a department that coaches their students in every step of the way. As a Lokman Hekim pharmacy student, you will have the opportunity to work at laboratories of with a strong infrastructure, participate in clinical pharmacy and hospital pharmacy practices at the Lokman Hekim University Hospitals, gain practical training experience with industry leaders in Ankara, conduct phyto-pharmacy applications at the Traditional and Complementary Medical Center, and perform free pharmacy applications via an applied pharmaceutical care training at our Professional Skills and Communication Laboratory .

Narrative states that Lokman Hekim found the formula for the elixir of immortality – Have you ever thought that we can be immortal through the impact we could make in this world? Come and take a step to achieve immortality and to shape the direction of the future of medicine and pharmacy both in our country and in the world with a world-class pharmacy education.

We look forward to seeing you  at the Lokman Hekim University Faculty of Pharmacy.

Prof. Dr. Belma GÜMÜŞEL