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Create Date: 19.01.2022

The Documents Required For Equivalency

1.Application Form http://ttkb.meb.gov.tr/meb_iys_dosyalar/2020_11/13171706_denklik_belgesi_basvuru_formu.pdf
2.A clear file bag
For Turkish Citizens;
The original and the copy of identity card
The original and the copy of the passport page with photo
The copy of stamped pages displaying entry-exit dates
For Foreign Citizens;
The original and the copies of the residency permit in Turkey or education visa.
The original and the copy of the passport page with photo
For non-graduates;
The original and the copy of report card or transcript of the latest grade.
For graduates;
The original and the copy of apostilled diploma and transcript

Documents requested from the applicants within the scope of the special case:
1-Those who cannot submit their documents due to war, disaster and/or asylum,
2-Those who have “International Protection Status Holder Identity Document” or “International Protection Applicant Identity Document”
3-If the education documents are not available, it is enough to upload only the mentioned documents for applicants with the decision of an education measure by a court judgement.

In addition to these, if there are the following situations, they should be added considering;
1-Identity card/passport of the mother/father for those under the age of 18,
2- Original and approved translation (if necessary) of the parent consent letter, university pre-registration document/student certificate for applicants who are under the age of 18 and will register in the university,
3- Original and approved translation of the custody document proofing that the student custody is in the applicant for those whose parents got divorced.
4-If there is a change in the surname in the education certificate and identity card/passport due to reasons such as marriage, divorce, the marriage certificate and/or identity register copy must be uploaded.

For more information; https://edenklik.meb.gov.tr/?culture=en-US