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  • What is the Langugage of Instruction

    The language of instruction for programs at our university at the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentisry and Faculty of Pharmacy are both in English and Turkish languages. Health Sciences Faculty and Health Vocational School programmes are solely in Turkish language.

    When Does the Application Registration Period Start?

    Applications start at the beginning of January, 2023. Registrations will start at the beginning of June, 2023.

    How can I Enroll in Yor Associaate and Undergraduate Programs?

    You need to apply through our application link ……………………... which you need to upload a copy of your diploma, transcript, passport and photo and need to fill in the necessary blanks. In case your application is accepted, you’ll receive a conditional acceptance letter. You need to make a deposit payment indicated in the conditional acceptance letter within the time limit mentioned in the letter. After you forward the payment receipt, you’ll receive the Final Acceptance Letter. It will contain the necessary docuemtyns that you have to present during your registration with the university. (Note: Students have to make their tuition fee payments annually (in one lot) during registration)What are the Necessary Documents for Registration?

    What are the Necessary Documents for Registration?
    • Original High School Diploma

    • Turkish translated notarized version of Original Diploma

    • Original Transcripts

    • Turkish translated notarized version of Original Transcripts

    • Turkish translated notarized copy of the passport

    • Conditional and Final Acceptance Letter

    • Photocopy of the stamped pages of passport

    • Receipts of deposit payment and remaining full payment

    • Equivalency Certificate

    • 5 photos

    Will My Registration Be Deleted If I Don't Pay The Tuition Fee?

    According to the Regulation on Education and Training of our university, the registration of the student is not deleted who doesn’t pay his/her tuition fee. However, his/her registration is not renewed.

    How Many Terms/Years Can I Take Leave (Freezing My Registration?)

    Students may be allowed up to two terms providing that they indicate significant reasons How do i get registered with the university e-mail and how can i use the student

    Information System Of The University?

    You can get all the necessary information through the link:


    How Can I Register For My Courses?

    Course registrations for our students are made automatically in the first year, and made by our students in the following years within the intervals specified in the academic calendar.


    Can I Be A Trasnfer Student From Abroad To Your University?

    According to the rules and regulstions, first you need to get registered as a fresh student with the university. After completing your full registration, you need to prepare a petition and attach your transcript and then apply to the dean of your relevant faculty.

    What About The Laboratories And Equipments Used During The Courses

    There are laboratory infrastructures with appropriate physical and technological equipment where each applied course will be carried out.

    What About Internships What King of Facilities Do You Provide For Disabled Student At Your University?

    All floors of our education building are accessible by elevator. Our elevators are supported by command panels, Braille alphabet, and audio warning system. We have disabled toilets on each floor. Our floors with classrooms, common areas, and conference halls offer an unobstructed campus environment.

    What About Internships What Are Your Transportation Possibilities?

    Our university is located in the centre of Ankara and all kinds of social facilities that you may need, within a distance that you can reach without any loss of time by any means of transportation. Metro and buses are available for transportation.

    Do you Have A Summer School?

    Summer school education is not held at our university. There are make-up examinations at our university.


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