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    Dear Prospective Student,

    These programs are 2 (two) years programs under the Vocational School of Health Services of Lokman Hekim University and offers education in Turkish language. Kindly note the following:

    1) The annual fee for the program is $2750.

    2) After the student receives the conditional acceptance letter following his/her application, he/she must pay a deposit of $1000 to the bank with the details herebelow.

    3) After paying this deposit, the receipt must be uploaded to the system. Subsequently, the final acceptance letter will be prepared within 72 hours and uploaded to the system.

    4) After completing the registration process at the university, the student must take the Turkish proficiency exam. In case of failure in the exam, the student must study and complete the university's Turkish preparatory course. Turkish preparatory course is on an annual basis and the tuition fee is 2000 $ per year.

    (For detailed information: https://www.lokmanhekim.edu.tr/arastirma/arastirma-ve-uygulama-merkezleri/dil-ogretim-uygulama-ve-arastirma-merkezi)

    Turkish preparatory course fee is deducted from the annual department fee paid by the student during the registration phase. The student, who successfully completes the Turkish preparatory education, will make the payment of the remaining tuition fee on the dates specified by the university before starting his/her department.

    Lokman Hekim University Bank Information:

    Bank Name      : Ziraat Katılım Bankası

    Account Owner: Lokman Hekim University

    IBAN No ($)   : TR810020900001002012000025

    Swift code      : ZKBATRIS

    Student Registration Procedures:

    In order to complete the registration process, the student must arrive to the university in person and submit the following documents (the annual program fee must be deducted from the previously paid deposit fee and must be paid to the bank before registration is completed, and the copy of the receipt must be delivered to the international office during registration):

    ·         Original High School Diploma

    ·         Notarized version of the original High School Diploma with Turkish translation

    ·         Original Transcript

    ·         Notarized version of the original transcript with Turkish translation

    ·         Notarized version of your passport with Turkish translation

    ·         Preliminary and Final Acceptance Letter

    ·         Photocopy of stamped passport pages

    ·         Deposit and remaining annual fee receipts

    ·         Certificate of Equivalence

    ·         5 photos

    Student visa procedures:

    Students who will come to Turkey for studying must obtain a student visa from the nearest Consulate of the Republic of Turkey in their home country. Since student visa process can take time, it is important to apply for a student visa as soon as you receive your final acceptance letter from the university. You can get information regarding the Republic of Turkey visa regime applied to the country of your citizenship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website of Republic of Turkey.

    Student residence/identity certificate procedures:

    The most important thing that a student coming to Turkey needs to do after completing his/her university registration is to apply for a residence permit. After filling out the application form at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/, the following required documents must be submitted to the International Office of the university:

    1) Declaration/Control Document to be filled in at the International Office of the University

    2) Residence permit registration/application form (wet signed by the student) and copy of the residence permit fee receipt

    3) Passport or passport substitute document (in original form)

    4) Document showing student status and residence permit envelope (obtained from the University Registrar's Office)

    5) 4 biometric photographs

    6) Valid health insurance (GSS or private health insurance covering the residence permit request period)

    7) Document showing the address information of the place you will stay: If you are staying in your own home in Turkey, a photocopy of the title deed (for extension applications, a "document showing the place of residence and an invoice" is sufficient). If you are staying with a rental agreement, a notarized copy of the rental agreement. If hotel etc. If you are staying in places, a document proving that you stay in these places. If you are staying in a student dormitory, a document proving that you stay in the dormitory. If you are staying in a third person's house, notarized commitment of the landlord (if the owner is married, also notarized commitment of his/her spouse)

    8) Receipt showing that you have paid the residence permit document fee for foreigners under 18 years of age; For those who come with a visa exemption or a visa for a different purpose; Document containing parent/guardian information (birth certificate, family certificate, etc.) and letter of consent given by the parent/guardian/legal representative (for those arriving with a visa suitable for the purpose (education visa)); document containing consent and parent/guardian information will not be attached).

    9) Fingerprint: Students who haven’t submitted their fingerprints must have their digital fingerprints submitted at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (İl Göç İdaresi) under the coordination of our University International Office.

    After the above-mentioned documents are submitted by the student to the International Office of the university, the official representative of the University's International Office will forward these documents to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management.

    Depending on the workload of the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management, the student will receive the residence permit card within 1-2 months.

    Other Important Notes:

    (1) The deposit paid will be refunded to the student only if the student's visa application is rejected by the Turkish Embassy in his/her country. (The student must prove that his/her visa has been rejected with a valid official document issued by the Turkish Embassy)

    (2) Each year, the full annual tuition fee payment is paid in one lot by the student before the start of each academic year. (To be stated in the academic calendar of the university)

    (3) If the student cannot submit a valid Turkish Certificate or in case he/she fails to pass the Turkish exams of the university specified in the link to be officially announced (https://www.lokmanhekim.edu.tr/arastirma/arastirma-ve-uygulama-merkezleri/dil-ogretim-uygulama-ve-arastirma-merkezi) then he/she has to study 1 (one) year of Turkish preparatory course, depending on the program they will study.

    (4) The application period for undergraduate and associate degree programs will start on January 1, 2024; The registration period will begin on June 1, 2024 and end on September 15, 2024.

    (5) Language Preparation Courses:


    A student applying to a department whose language of instruction is Turkish must submit the C1 TÖMER Certificate. The certificate will be reviewed for approval. If the student cannot submit the C1 TÖMER Certificate, he/she must take the Turkish exam after completing the registration process at the university. If failing the exam, he/she has to start the university's Turkish preparatory course. Turkish preparatory course is on an annual basis and the tuition fee is 2000 $ per year.

    For your questions:

    International Student Office Contact Information:

    E-mail: iro@lokmanhekim.edu.tr

    Phone: 0312 203 95 00 / Extension: 69251

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