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  • Dear Students and Families, Future Health Professionals, and Valued Colleagues,

    Though young, Lokman Hekim University, established in 2018, has risen swiftly to become a leading player in healthcare education. Leveraging the Lokman Hekim Health Group's 25+ years of experience, our "health-themed" university dedicates its knowledge, energy, and passion to providing the highest quality healthcare education possible. Our Faculty of Health Sciences, established alongside the university, has thrived since its inception, engaging in education and training, scientific research and projects, social activities, and quality studies within its seven diverse departments: Nutrition and Dietetics, Language and Speech Therapy, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, and Audiology.

    Despite its youth, Lokman Hekim University is already taking confident strides towards national and international acclaim. Our strong infrastructure and equipment, coupled with a renowned academic staff and extensive internship opportunities through Lokman Hekim Health Group hospitals, positions us as a significant contributor to the advancement of science and academia, both at home and abroad.

    Our faculty and university prioritize nurturing well-equipped healthcare professionals brimming with confidence in their expertise. To achieve this, each department has adopted a dynamic model of education and service, emphasizing both strong foundations and continuous development, driven by innovation and quality. We bring together experienced educators from their respective fields with dedicated, young academics eager to learn and grow.

    This model, meticulously developed in line with ever-evolving higher education, aims to cultivate health professionals who:

    • Uphold professional and patient rights

    • Apply ethical principles in their work ethic

    • Play a leading role in shaping health policies

    • Embrace technological advancements and innovations

    • Aim to contribute positively to society

    • Prioritize solutions over problems

    • Respect national and moral values

    • Possess strong social and communication skills

    We constantly strive to improve all university, faculty, and departmental processes by evaluating the attainment of our goals and incorporating valuable feedback from students, graduates, and employees.

    My deepest gratitude goes to our new students, our enthusiastic continuing students, and all our academic and administrative colleagues who tirelessly work towards excellence in every aspect of education and administration. Thank you to our university's senior management for their unwavering support and to all our internal and external stakeholders, particularly the Lokman Hekim Health Group, for their vital contribution to our success.

    Best Regards,

    Prof. Dr. Nilgün BEK

    Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences


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