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  • ABOUT THE FACULTY Our faculty educates integrative, successful and contemporary graduates with an educational approach that highlights being scientific and moral values who never leave occupational ethics, who have been trained with scientific approaches and methods, who have the required competence, and who respect differences and universal values. All departments of our faculty provide education in accordance with the Core Education Programs, and carry out the applied trainings at Lokman Hekim Hospitals in addition to using the classrooms, laboratories and social areas of all faculties of our university for the theoretical and practice-research courses. A – Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Our department educates leading Dietitians who are demanded and consulted who
    • Have the occupational ethics and understanding in
    • Creating scientific solutions to protect and improve the nutrition level of the society and the individuals,
    • Raising the life standards of the individuals, and determining the needs of energy and nutrition according to age, gender, physical activity, special and disease statuses,
    • Organizing the nutrition plans and programs,
    • Creating and developing national nutrition policies.
    B – Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Our department educates sophisticated, knowledgeable, active and competence Physiotherapists who
    • Can take responsibility, have occupational competency and have the occupational ethics and understanding in
    • Improving health and preventing diseases,
    • Planning and implementing the treatment approaches developed in the world,
    • Improving the quality of health and life.
    C – Department of Nursing  Our department educates competent, ethical and principled Nurses who
    • Help protect and improve the health of the individual and the society,
    • Participate in the processes of treatment, care and recovery of the patient,
    • Are able to establish strong communication with the professionals of the nursing profession,
    • Work in an integrative and scientific way, and think critically and sophisticatedly.
    D – Department of Midwifery Our department educates competent and active Midwives who
    • Provide the care and consultancy required during pregnancy, and during and after birth,
    • Are able to deliver normally under her responsibility,
    • Are able to monitor the mother and the newborn during pregnancy, and during and after birth,
    • Provide consultancy about newborn care and family planning,
    • Are able to use the professional midwifery approaches, and defend the mothers’ and the newborns’ rights.
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