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      General Information Analytical Chemistry Master Program (With Thesis) was approved by the decision taken at the Higher Education Executive Board meeting dated 09/01/2019, and was opened within the body of Lokman Hekim University Health Sciences Institute. Although the language of instruction of the program is Turkish, foreign language (English) resources are also used during the education process. The program is run by faculty members who are experts in the field of Pharmacy. In addition, people who are still working in the pharmaceutical industry and public sector and who are experts in their fields are assigned as visiting lecturers at Lokman Hekim University and receive support. Degree Awarded Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry Employment Areas At the beginning of the new areas of employment for pharmacists is the need for pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry. As it is known, the pharmaceutical industry covers a wide area, and the part where pharmacists are most needed is drug analysis. With the master program to be opened, equipped pharmacists will be trained in this field, which is needed, and thus they will be employed in the pharmaceutical industry, which is a large area for pharmacists. In addition, analysis is very important in the medical device/ cosmetic sector, which is an indispensable area of today, and there is a great need for a trained element in this regard. In addition, water, food and environmental analysis laboratories and hospital laboratories also have great employment opportunities due to analysis. Medicines are a phenomenon that requires constant research and does not accept mistakes. Analysis is essential in pharmaceutical research laboratories, and this department requires a very high number of qualified analysis staff. This creates an important employment area. Likewise, analysis is an indispensable phenomenon in academic studies for those who want to pursue an academic career in universities. For this reason, a good knowledge is needed to analyse well both in thesis studies and scientific research. Therefore, researchers who successfully complete this program will be employed primarily to build a career. Aim of Program Analytical Chemistry is based on analysis. In the pharmaceutical industry, the most needed part of pharmacists is drug analysis. Drug analysis is one of the basic requirements for both routine analysis (Quality Control), R&D studies, bioequivalence and clinical research. In these analyses, advanced analytical methods and advanced analytical devices where these methods are applied are now used. Choosing an analytical method to be used is very important for an analysis, both to know the analytical device to be used and to interpret the results to be obtained. With the graduate program to be opened, it is aimed to train well-equipped pharmacists in this field. Likewise, this program; Analysis is also very important in the medical device / cosmetic sector and there is a great need for qualified personnel in this regard. Apart from this, it also aims to train qualified personnel who want to work in water, food and environmental analysis laboratories, hospital laboratories and research laboratories or to pursue an academic career in universities. Within the scope of the thesis to be prepared in this planned master program, researchers will be taught how to start a research, how to reach the resources to be used, which analytical methods and devices should be used in that research, how to interpret the results of the analysis, how to complete a research. In addition, graduating from such a program will be very beneficial for those who will start working in chemistry, biology undergraduate and chemical engineering departments, who are predominantly working in the pharmaceutical industry, and those who are currently working in areas of the pharmaceutical industry that require analysis. Student Acceptance Conditions to the Program Those who have a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy or the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science and a bachelor's degree approved by the Institute Board with the recommendation of the Academic Board of the Department of other related Faculty graduates can apply to the program. Turkish or foreign students who have completed their undergraduate program in foreign countries must have the equivalence or recognition document they will receive from the Higher Education Council (YÖK). Students are admitted to the master program (With Thesis) by taking a written and / or oral exam. The number of students to be admitted to the program and the qualifications required for prospective students are announced before the beginning of each term. In this announcement, the application conditions and the deadline, the place and date of the candidates are stated. Program Qualifications (Outcomes)
    1. Graduates have extensive knowledge of analysis.
    2. Graduates evaluate the analysis results statistically.
    3. Graduates categorize the methods used in drug / cosmetic product analysis.
    4. Graduates know the devices to be used in analysis and make their selection according to the analysis.
    5. Graduates can make analytical calculations.
    6. Graduates can prepare drug samples for analysis.
    7. Graduates have the ability to apply new analysis methods and interpret their results.
    8. Graduates use their knowledge and skills for the development of their colleagues.
    9. Graduates can transfer the basic theoretical and applied knowledge of the field to the field of study.
    10. Graduates have the skills to follow scientific publications in a foreign language and to communicate in writing and orally.
    11. Graduates strive to continuously improve their knowledge and skills with a lifelong learning philosophy.
    Laboratory Information The proposed program is a master program (With Thesis) and requires laboratory work. Laboratories within Lokman Hekim University will be used for this purpose. Graduation Conditions In order for a student enrolled in the graduate program to graduate from the program, it must meet the conditions specified in the Lokman Hekim University Regulation on Graduate Education and Training. Compulsory and Elective Courses To Be Taken With Total Credits Required To Get A Master's Degree The master program (With Thesis) consists of compulsory and elective courses that students will take and a thesis they will prepare. 'Lokman Hekim University Regulation on Graduate Education and Training' is taken as a basis in the assessment of students' course success. If the advisor deems appropriate and necessary, courses from other programs can also be selected. Students must have their thesis written in accordance with the Health Sciences Institute ’Thesis Writing Guide. Information about the compulsory courses and elective courses to be taken within the scope of the master program (With Thesis) are presented below.
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