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  • General Information

    Lokman Hekim University, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master’s Degree Program with thesis was opened within the Institute of Medical Sciences, Lokman Hekim University as deemed appropriate by the resolution passed in the meeting of Executive Council of Higher Education dated 21.10.2020. This Program is carried out by the academic members specialized in the field. The course language is Turkish.

    Acquired Degree

    Master’s Degree on Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation with Thesis and Title of Scientist

    Acceptance and Enrolment Conditions

    Student’s application for, acceptance and final enrolment to Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master’s Degree Program with thesis is carried out in accordance with Postgraduate Education Instruction of Institute of Medical Sciences, Lokman Hekim University. Furthermore, specific conditions required from the applied students, place and date of entrance exam are determined with recommendation of Department and Institute’s Management Board’s resolution prior to each application period; it is announced prior to applications. Students graduated from the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Faculties, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department of Faculties of Medical Sciences, schools delivering 4-year undergraduate study on Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation education within the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation) Colleges and the other faculty graduates who have a bachelor’s degree as deemed appropriate by the recommendation of Department Academic Board and by the Faculty Board may apply to this Program. Turkish or foreign students who have completed an undergraduate program in foreign countries must have a certificate of equivalence or certificate of recognition issued by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). The score for ALES (SAY/EA) must not be less than 55 for the applications to program as determined by the Institute Board. The students who meet the application conditions must take the scientific assessment exam (written exam and/or interview). Calculation of general final grade is based on the ALES score, grade point average of undergraduate graduation and the result of scientific assessment exam. The students will be entitled to final enrolment within the specified quota on the basis of general final grade ranking.

    Recognition of Previous Studies

    Successful students who have received education for minimum one half-term in the university or in the postgraduate programs of other higher education institutions may apply for horizontal transfer to another postgraduate program in the university. For application to be accepted, there must be a quota for horizontal transfer to postgraduate; the student must meet the student acceptance conditions for the postgraduate program; and the student must pass each of the courses received during the postgraduate education for minimum one half-term. Acceptance and adaptation of students applied for horizontal transfer must comply with the applicable articles of Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulation of Lokman Hekim University.

    Qualification Conditions and Rules

    To be graduated from the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master’s Degree Program with thesis, the students are required to complete minimum 21 credits and 120 ECTS (minimum seven courses, seminar course and thesis study). Seminar course and thesis study do not require any credits and are considered pass/failure. Even if the student has courses with credit transfer, they must take minimum half of the total credit required by their program from their own program. If the counselor deems appropriate and necessary, they may chose courses from other programs. Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulation of Lokman Hekim University shall apply to assessment of student course success.

    Objectives of Program

    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master’s Degree Program with thesis is intended to:

    1. Deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during a four-year undergraduate education with the purpose of improving quality through continuous education policy,
    2. Learn the foundations of scientific research and evidence-based applications based on the professional knowledge and skills in the national and international literature,
    3. Allow to acquire the ability to specifically use clinical information in different conditions and develop different physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques,
    4. Allow to acquire the knowledge to develop interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and projects with other professionals working in the rehabilitation and health areas,
    5. Teach the ways for research and knowledge acquisition on professional matters, how to provide, disseminate and develop the information, and discuss on it,
    6. Ensure publication of results and experiences obtained from the professional applications and research to contribute to national and international literature,
    7. Allow physical therapy undergraduate graduates to take an active role in setting and developing the country’s health policies, and to achieve adequate and necessary knowledge and quality.
    Program Qualifications (Acquirements)
    1. They define the learning needs and objectives, continue to learn lifelong, and contribute to quality improvement, professional education and introduction programs.
    2. They plan research, take charge in projects, chose the appropriate statistical methods, interpret the results of their own study, and prepare, present or publish their report at scientific meetings.
    3. They independently conduct research specific to their field observing the ethical values, and transfer their professional knowledge, skills and responsibilities to group work.
    4. They monitor conceptual and clinical scientific developments for basic assessment, evaluation and treatment techniques specific to physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
    5. They contribute to community health and health policies, and create awareness of individuals, families and community about the education, preventive and rehabilitating approaches.
    6. They use minimum one foreign language to establish effective communication, either verbal or in writing, at international level for professional and academic studies.
    Employment Opportunities

    There are various employment opportunities for the students who complete the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master’s Degree Program with thesis. They may work as an academic member to provide support for education staff of universities, or they may play an active role in national and international research and application centres, and development and implementation of research and projects. Furthermore, they may be employed by the private education centres, private education schools, sports centres, sports clubs, prosthesis and orthosis workshops, and physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopaedics, cardiology, chest diseases, brain surgery, neurology and paediatrics units of hospitals based on their specialty areas.

    Transfer to Upper Programs

    Students graduated from the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master’s Degree Program with thesis may apply to relevant doctorate programs if they meet the other required conditions.

    Assessment and Evaluation 

    For a student enrolled in master’s degree program to be graduated from the program, they must meet the conditions set out in the Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulation of Lokman Hekim University.

    Study Type

    Study type is full-time. When necessary, courses and exams may be taken after the end of working hours during the week and/or on the Saturday and Sunday, or online i.e., synchronous and distant.

    Program Supervisor and Contact Details

    Prof Dr Nilgün BEK Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department E- Mail: nilgun.bek@lokmanhekim.edu.tr Phone: 444 8 548 Extension: 6439

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