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  • Medical Microbiology Doctorate Program

    General Information
    Medical microbiology is a dynamic and research- and evidence-based discipline that investigates the microorganisms leading to infections and the infections developed. It is important to educate research work force with advanced knowledge who are able to use technology as required by the modern age to control infectious diseases in a conscious, adequate, effective and economic manner, and to interpret the data obtained from the studies. Medical microbiology has a very extensive scope ranging from new viruses that are included in the known microorganisms and cause epidemics and even pandemics; microorganisms causing tuberculosis with multi-antibiotic resistance, community-based or ventilator-related pneumonia agents, hospital infection factors as well as opportunistic infections that develop in patients having immune system problems. This program is intended to educate qualified scientists who would have scientific honesty in order to contribute to the quality of service of both our education institution and country’s medical industry. If this program is executed, another contribution to medical industry of the country and world will be to develop qualified scientific research projects. The graduated students will be able to academically follow the professional principles both in the country and in foreign countries in order to be more successful at their position in the public and private sector. They may also work in the R&D departments of authorities or companies and maintain their life as an academician. Lokman Hekim University’s Medical Microbiology Doctorate Program was opened by the resolution of the Council of Higher Education dated 23.09.2020. This program is carried out by the academic members of Medical Faculty and Faculty of Pharmacy with intense experience in the field. The course language is Turkish.
    Acquired Degree
    Doctoral Degree on Medical Microbiology
     Enrolment and Acceptance Conditions
    Student’s application for, acceptance and final enrolment to Medical Microbiology Doctorate Program is carried out in accordance with Postgraduate Education Instruction of Institute of Medical Sciences, Lokman Hekim University. The sudents are accepted to doctorate program through written and/or oral exam. The number of students accepted to program and qualifications required from the applicants are notified prior to start of each half term. The notice contains the application conditions, deadline for application, and date and place where the candidates take the exam. The students graduated from the Medical Faculty, Veterinary Faculty, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Dentistry may directly apply to Medical Microbiology Doctorate Program with a bachelor’s degree. In addition, Medical Microbiology postgraduates and graduates of a master’s degree program with thesis in near fields accepted by the Academic Committee of Medical Microbiology Department may apply to this program. Turkish or foreign students who have completed an undergraduate program and master’s degree program in foreign countries must have a certificate of equivalence or certificate of recognition issued by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). The applicants of doctorate program are required to have ALES scores not less than 55 in the score type of the applied program as determined by the relevant Committee of Institute, and to have minimum base point of foreign language on the Central Foreign Language exams, or on the international foreign language exams as deemed equivalent by ÖSYM. The base point is determined by the Head of Department and approved by the Senate. The students who meet the application conditions must take the scientific assessment exam (written exam and/or interview). Calculation of general final grade is based on the ALES score, grade point average of graduation and the result of scientific assessment exam. The students will be entitled to final enrolment within the specified quota on the basis of general final grade ranking.
    Acquired Degree Requirements and Rules
    The doctorate program consists of minimum seven courses, a seminar course and thesis study not less than a total of 21 credits. One academic year of doctorate program consists of minimum eight courses including seminar course not less than 60 ECTS credits and thesis study, i.e., minimum 240 ECTS credits in total. 1 ECTS equals to a workload of 30 hours. There are compulsory and elective courses in the program for students to complete this credit. Students complete the total credit in eight terms (4 years). Duration of doctorate study may be extended to 12 terms at most. The courses of doctorate program must be successfully completed in maximum two years with a grade point average of minimum 3.00. The students who have failed to complete the courses successfully at the end of this period, or who have a grade point average equal to or over 3.00 will take the doctorate qualification exam. For the students who pass the Doctorate Qualification Exam, a Thesis Monitoring Committee (TİK) will be appointed no later than one month by the recommendation of relevant Institute Department Head and approval of the relevant management board in order to approve the doctorate thesis proposal of students and monitor the doctorate thesis study afterwards. Students who have passed the doctorate qualification exam will orally defend their thesis proposal before the TİK no later than six months. The thesis proposal includes the purpose of thesis study, methods, and future work plan. Students who are successful at thesis proposal will start research study on the thesis subject under the supervision of thesis advisor. Minimum three (TİK) reports must be submitted to conclude the student’s thesis. The thesis defence test consists of presentation of thesis study followed by a question-answer process. Students whose thesis is accepted are deemed successful.
    Recognition of Previous Studies
    Recognition of previous studies is subject to Postgraduate Education Regulation of Lokman Hekim University.
    Objectives of Program
    The “Medical Microbiology Doctorate Program” aims to educate scientist who are able to recognize the basic properties of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites as well as pathogenic mechanisms leading to development of infections, who have the theoretical and practical knowledge on the microbiological diagnostic methods, who have a good knowledge of working disciplines in the microbiology laboratory, who have acquired academic good manners and perspective, who pursue scientific developments, who are specialized in medical microbiology, who are able to interpret the study results, who are able to explain the obtained data either orally or in writing, and who will be allowed to maintain their career as an academician after graduation.
    Fundamental Acquirements from the Program
    1. They collect and interpret the scientific data in accordance with ethical principles; observe the individuals and society, and participate into, execute, manage and assess the activities that would guide the national and international plans and policies.
    2. Their horizon of science is extended by receiving a good microbiology education according to standards accepted by the international platforms, and they achieve specialty in microbiology.
    3. They acquire technical skills through laboratory activities and other skills to access information, do research, plan experiments, solve problems, interpret the experiment results, make presentations, develop strategies regarding the microbiology.
    4. They acquire knowledge on the basic fields of microbiology such as general bacteriology, virology, parasitology, mycology and immunology.
    5. They know and use the laboratory methods at theoretical and practical level for the general bacteriology, virology, parasitology, mycology and immunology.
    6. They acquire the ability for critical evaluation on the research published on the science of microbiology.
    7. They acquire the ability to make written, oral and visual presentation and publication of any research done on the microbiology field.
    Employment Opportunities
    The “Medical Microbiology Doctorate Program” is intended to deliver graduates who have all the theoretical and practical knowledge on the microbiology, who have acquired an academic perspective, and who pursue scientific developments. It is aimed that our graduates benefit from the career opportunities in the public and private health industry, industry and academy. They will have business opportunities in hospitals, research & development centres, drug manufacturing, drug research, diagnostic product selling companies, and business lines requiring sterilization control.
     Transfer to Upper Programs
    The candidates who get a doctoral degree may apply for readership if they complete the required academic studies.
    Assessment and Evaluation
    The Postgraduate Education Regulation of Lokman Hekim University shall apply to any educational study of students and giving marks to tests.
    Graduation Conditions
    For students to be graduated from the Medical Microbiology Doctorate Program, they are required to successfully complete all the courses in the program and have 240 ETCS credits including minimum 7 courses, one seminar and thesis study provided that one academic year is not less than 60 ECTS credits. 240 ECTS credits are divided into two groups: 120 ECTS credits covering courses, seminar and Preparation for Doctorate Qualification Exam and 120 ECTS credits covering thesis study. Duration of doctorate program is eight half terms (excluding the period of scientific preparation) starting from the term when courses of enrolled program are delivered whether or not they enrol in each term. The program must be completed in maximum twelve half terms. Seminar course and thesis study do not require any credits and will be considered failed or pass. One ETCS equals to a workload of 30 hours. Even if the student has courses with credit transfer, they must take minimum half of the total credit required by their program from their own program. If the counselor deems appropriate and necessary, they may chose courses from other programs. The students are required to write their thesis study in accordance with ‘Thesis Writing Guide of Institution of Medical Sciences. The Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulation of Lokman Hekim University shall apply to assessment of student course success. If the students pass the thesis exam and meet the other conditions for graduation as determined by the Senate, they will be required to deliver minimum five bound copies of doctorate thesis to the relevant institute within one month of thesis exam date. The students whose thesis is formally approved will receive a doctorate diploma.
    Study Type
    Study type is full-time. When necessary, courses and exams may be taken after the end of working hours during the week and/or on the Saturday and Sunday.
    Program Supervisor and Contact Details
    Prof Dr Şükrü Volkan ÖZGÜVEN Head of Medical Microbiology Department   E-mail: volkan.ozguven@lokmanhekim.edu.tr Phone: 444 8 548, Extension: 6100
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