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General Information

Maternity and Gynecology Nursing is one of the specialties defined in the Nursing Regulation. Maternity and Gynecology nurse, on the other hand, refers to the nurse who graduated after completing her master’s degree in this field and is responsible for fulfilling the roles and responsibilities determined by the regulation. Specialist nurse as defined in the regulation; He / She is a nurse who has graduate education in the related department of nursing. Lokman Hekim University Maternity and Gynecology Nursing Master Program (With Thesis) was established with the decision of the Council of Higher Education dated 04.05.2020 in order to meet the manpower needs of our country in this field. Although the language of instruction of the program is Turkish, foreign language (English) resources are also used in the education process. The program is carried out by faculty members who are experts in the field of Maternity and Gynecology. Averagely 8 students are accepted to the program each year.

Degree Awarded

Master’s Degree in Maternity and Gynecology Nursing

Acceptance and Enrolment Conditions

Student applications, acceptances, and final registrations to the Maternity and Gynecology Nursing Master Program (With Thesis) are made in accordance with Lokman Hekim University Health Sciences University Regulation on Graduate Education and Training. In addition, the special conditions required for the students who apply with the recommendation of the Department and the decision of the Institute Administrative Board before each application period, the entrance exam place and date are determined and announced before the application.

Those who have a Bachelor’s Degree diploma from the students who graduated from the 4-year education of universities, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department, School of Nursing, School of Health Nursing Department and Health School Midwifery Department and those who have a bachelor’s degree approved by the Institute Board with the recommendation of the Academic Board of the Department of other faculty graduates can apply to the Maternity and Gynecology Nursing Master Program (With Thesis).

Turkish or foreign students who have completed their undergraduate program in foreign countries must have the equivalence or recognition document they will receive from the Higher Education Council (YÖK).

In the applications to the program, it is required to have Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) (Mathematics – Science / Turkish – Mathematics) score determined by the Institute Board, provided that it is not less than 55.

Students who meet the application requirements are taken to the scientific evaluation exam (written and / or interview).

The calculation of the general success grade is made by considering the Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) score, the undergraduate graduation grade average and the results of the Scientific evaluation exam. According to the general success grade ranking, within the specified quota, the student is entitled to final registration.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Having a Bachelor’s Degree Diploma in Nursing or Midwifery

Qualification Conditions and Rules

In order to graduate from the Maternity and Gynecology Nursing Master Program (With Thesis), the student must complete at least 21 credits and 120 ECTS (at least seven courses, seminar course, and thesis). The seminar course and thesis work are non-credit and are evaluated as successful / unsuccessful. Even if the student has credit transfer courses, the student must receive at least half of the total credit required by the program to which he / she is affiliated, from his / her own program. If the advisor deems appropriate and necessary, courses from other programs can also be selected. “Lokman Hekim University Regulation on Graduate Education and Training” is taken as a basis for the evaluation of students’ course success.

Aim of Program

The aim of the Maternity and Gynecology Nursing Master Program (With Thesis) is to train nurses who can apply women’s health in particular, protecting and improving family and community health in general, treatment and rehabilitation services in case of illness with advanced expertise and skills. In line with this purpose, it is expected that the students who are graduated from the program have to hold the abilities of developing basic qualities such as research, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, independent decision-making, following up-to-date scientific knowledge and technology, taking responsibility and accountability, being a leader to guide colleagues, having professional values and ethical sensitivity.

Program Qualifications (Outcomes)

  1. Graduates develop a comprehensive and holistic perspective on women’s health problems.
  2. Graduates analyse the causes of women’s health problems
  3. Graduates know and interpret statistical data showing women’s health
  4. Graduates can transfer the basic theoretical and applied knowledge related to the field they are studying.
  5. Graduates use their knowledge and skills for the development of their colleagues.
  6. Graduates provide high quality nursing care to women with health problems using the nursing process system
  7. Graduates can provide health education for women and their families.
  8. Graduates are ready for interdisciplinary work aimed at solving women’s health problems.
  9. Graduates are specialized in maternity and gynecology to provide qualified nursing care.
  10. Graduates are sensitive to social women’s health problems
  11. Graduates develop innovative solution strategies for women’s health problems
  12. Graduates have the skills to follow scientific publications in a foreign language and to communicate in writing and orally.
  13. Graduates strive to continuously improve their knowledge and skills with the philosophy of lifelong learning.

Employment Opportunities

Students who graduate from Maternity and Gynecology Nursing Master Program (With Thesis) can work as specialist clinical nurses, responsible nurses, executive nurses, and training nurses in gynecology and obstetrics clinics of public or private health institutions. In addition, they can work in Special Pregnancy Education Class or Childbirth Preparation Classes and Family Health Centres. In addition, there is a high chance to work in academic staff in the Nursing and Midwifery departments of the Faculty of Health Sciences and in the Nursing Faculties.

Transition to Higher Degree Programs

Students who graduate from the Maternity and Gynecology Nursing Master Program (With Thesis) can apply to doctoral programs when they meet the other required conditions.

Assessment and Evaluation

Course success grade is given to students for each course at the end of the term they are enrolled. Course success grade is obtained by evaluating the success of the student during the term (midterm examinations, homework, applied studies, projects, laboratory, and similar studies) and the general examination. Program courses must be successfully completed in two years at most, with a minimum GPA of 2.50.

Graduation Conditions

In order for a student to graduate from the Maternity and Gynecology Nursing Master program (with Thesis), the student must have completed all the courses in the program, must meet a minimum of 120 ECTS credits, and have a GPA of at least 2.50 out of 4.00. In a master program with thesis, a student has to prepare a thesis related to his / her field, write the results of his / her thesis in accordance with the institute’s thesis writing rules and defend his / her thesis verbally before the jury. The graduation date of the student is the date of the thesis exam in which the master thesis is accepted.

Education Type

Program courses must be successfully completed in two years at most, with a minimum GPA of 2.50.