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  • Dear Graduate Students,

    The institutes within universities have undertaken the mission of producing new knowledge, developing technology based on knowledge, and training qualified human resources specialized in their fields to meet the needs of society. In addition to this task, they aim to provide doctoral programs for independent research, the ability to analyze scientific phenomena with a broad and deep perspective, make interpretations, and determine the necessary steps to reach new syntheses. The institutes also strive to cultivate the skills needed to train research-oriented scientists.

    Lokman Hekim University, a foundation university in the field of Health Sciences established in Ankara, is dedicated to fulfilling these responsibilities. With its strong academic staff, the university offers undergraduate education in the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences (Nutrition and Dietetics, Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation Departments), and Faculty of Sports Sciences.

    The Health Sciences Institute, under the umbrella of Lokman Hekim University, has opened master's and doctoral programs in various departments of these faculties, taking a step closer to its goal of producing qualified human resources and research-oriented scientists in the field of health. In the six years since the establishment of the institute, 26 master's theses, 6 non-thesis master's programs, and 13 doctoral programs have been launched.

    With interdisciplinary programs integrated into our graduate education to address the needs of today, all our master's and doctoral program graduates will contribute to creating a qualified workforce capable of critical thinking, questioning, producing ideas, and communicating knowledge to society.

    The rapid development of technology, especially in the use of information in the field of health, makes the continuity of education necessary even after undergraduate studies. Our institute effectively meets this demand with the education provided in its graduate programs.

    Our graduates are expected to be individuals committed to universal scientific and ethical principles, possessing a critical and analytical perspective, thinking freely, questioning, researching, having high self-confidence, embracing the philosophy of lifelong learning, and excelling in problem-solving skills. They are envisioned to emerge as innovative thinkers in the interaction of human-nature-health, shaping a healthier and more livable future, and taking responsibility in influencing the health services and policies of our country.

    In line with these principles, our institute has adopted the mission of training research-oriented scientists who conduct national and international-level research, have an open-minded approach, adhere to ethical values, and aim to make a difference in the field of health. We invite all graduates who aspire to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of health, make a difference, shape and share knowledge nationally and internationally, to enroll in Lokman Hekim University Health Sciences Institute.

    With respect and affection,

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