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Prosthetic Dentistry Doctorate Program

Eklenme Tarihi: 7 April 2021

Prosthetic Dentistry Doctorate Program

General Information

Lokman Hekim University, Institute of Medical Sciences, Prosthetic Dentistry Doctorate Program was opened by the resolution of Council of Higher Education dated 24.03.2021. The course language is Turkish and the study period is 4 years.

Acquired Degree

Students graduate from this Program by assuming the title of Doctor of Philosophy in Prosthodontics.

Education Level

Doctorate level

Enrolment and Acceptance Conditions

Postgraduate Education Instruction of Institute of Medical Sciences, Lokman Hekim University shall apply to student applications for proposed program, entrance exams (in writing/ interview), calculation of success point, and placement of students.

Acquired Degree Requirements and Rules

For students to achieve a Doctoral Degree on the Prosthetic Dentistry, they are required to complete minimum 240 ECTS credits including minimum seven courses, seminar, qualification exam, thesis proposal and thesis study provided that it is not less than a total of twenty-one credits, and one academic year is not less than 60 ECTS credits.  For students to complete these credits, there are compulsory and elective courses in the program. Students complete the total credit in eight terms (4 years). Duration of doctorate study may be extended to 12 terms at most. The courses of doctorate program must be successfully completed in maximum two years with a grade point average of minimum 3.00. The students who have failed to complete the courses successfully at the end of this period, or who have a grade point average less than 3.00 will be considered failed and will not be entitled to taking the doctorate qualification exam. To take the Doctorate Qualification Exam, students must get 60 out of 100 on the central foreign language exams recognized by YÖK, or get a point on the international foreign language exams deemed equivalent by ÖSYM. For the students who pass the Doctorate Qualification Exam, a Thesis Monitoring Committee (TİK) will be appointed no later than one month by the recommendation of relevant Institute Department Head and approval of the relevant management board in order to approve the doctorate thesis proposal of students and monitor the doctorate thesis study afterwards. Students who have passed the doctorate qualification exam will orally defend their thesis proposal before the TİK no later than six months. The thesis proposal includes the purpose of thesis study, methods, and future work plan. Students who are successful at thesis proposal will start research study on the thesis subject under the supervision of thesis advisor. Minimum three (TİK) reports must be submitted to conclude the student’s thesis. The thesis defence test consists of presentation of thesis study followed by a question-answer process. Students whose thesis is accepted are deemed successful.

Recognition of Previous Studies

Students graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of our country’s universities, or Turkish or foreign students who have completed a Faculty of Dentistry in foreign countries may apply to the proposed program provided that they have a certificate of equivalence or certificate of recognition issued by the Council of Higher Education.

Objectives of Program

This Program is intended to educate professional physicians who are able to establish diagnosis and make treatment plan for the patients with partial or total edentulism by the use of current information and technologies in accordance with evidence-based information on dentistry. Besides conventional prosthetic treatment education, this Program also covers to ensure treatment of patients with advanced techniques such as maxillofacial prosthesis, temporomandibular joint disorders and implantology, and deliver relevant training. Doctorate programs allow to provide and advanced prosthetic education which provides patients with different treatment alternatives for the purpose of performing prosthetic treatment in a preventive manner. In line with the developments in cosmetic dentistry, various full ceramic systems are used to perform advanced dental treatments. Digital application methods are used to improve the professional skills, and training where advanced modern technologies are used is intended to be delivered. The doctorate program also aims to teach scientific study-research methods, and encourage various events at national and international platforms.

Fundamental Acquirements from the Program

-They have adequate level of knowledge on the Prosthetic Dentistry and other related disciplines and find a solution using such new information requiring specialty.

-They follow the relevant scientific articles to acquire knowledge for analysis of study.

-They are well aware of research design/applications used for the Prosthetic Dentistry. They are familiar with the basic clinical equipment and dental materials, and they have advanced knowledge and skill to operate devices specific to dentistry.

-They have knowledge on the statistical methods used for the relevant research and acquire the ability to effectively use them for activities.

-They are able to independently plan, manage and present the studies, projects and designs that bring innovation into Prosthetic Dentistry.

-They are able to write a scientific report for their own research and present it at national/international scientific meetings.

-They are able to work with other relevant disciplines and take the lead in their own field.

-They observe the ethical values and act by being aware of their importance.

Employment Opportunities

They may conduct clinical and academic studies in various institutions and organizations. They may work in the education staff of domestic and foreign universities and in the research and application centres, or they may work as a dentist with the title of “Prosthetic Dentistry Doctor” in the private or legal healthcare institutions.

Transfer to Upper Programs

Students who complete the Prosthetic Dentistry Doctorate Program may maintain their professional life as an academician and apply for readership in the relevant field if they fulfil the required academic conditions.

Assessment and Evaluation

The Postgraduate Education Regulation of Lokman Hekim University shall apply to any educational study of students and giving marks to tests.

Graduation Conditions

For students to be graduated from the Prosthetic Dentistry Doctorate Program, they are required to complete all the courses in the program successfully, have minimum 240 ECTS credits, and have a grade point average of minimum 3.00 out of 4.00. The students are also required to pass the doctorate qualification exam. To take the Doctorate Qualification Exam, students must get 60 out of 100 on the central foreign language exams recognized by YÖK, or get a point on the international foreign language exams deemed equivalent by ÖSYM. Students who pass the Doctorate Qualification Exam are required to prepare a doctorate thesis on the Prosthetic Dentistry guided by the thesis advisor, and to orally and successfully defend the thesis before the jury. After completion of thesis exam, the jury will decide to accept, reject or correct the thesis with absolute majority. Student’s graduation date will be the date when the student successfully defends thesis before the jury.

Study Type

Study type is full time.

Program Supervisor and Contact Details


Head of Prosthetic Dentistry Department

E-mail: lale.karaagaclioglu@lokmanhekim.edu.tr

Phone: 444 8 548, Extension: 6704