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Health Economics Master’s (Thesis)

Eklenme Tarihi: 22 March 2021

General Information

Increase in the health expenditures is determined by many variables such as, on one hand, increased use of high technology for providing healthcare services, increased drug expenses, use of expensive treatment methods, and on the other hand, the increase in revenue, demographical changes, and developments in lifestyles. The quick and continuous increase in health expenses have become a significant problem for any society. Therefore, it has become important to prioritise the usage areas of resources and to analyse the usage forms of those resources and results. When considering those processes as a whole, health economy comes out as a separate practice and research field and becomes important gradually. The health economy is intended to provide guidance to decision-makers when they have to make a choice and to provide evidence-based scientific data for the prioritisation of scarce resources.

The Health Economy master’s degree program has been developed to assess any health technologies and healthcare services and response to possible increase in their cost. As the health economy analyses contain different types of research activities, such analyses must be conducted as a teamwork and require a multidisciplinary cooperation. Therefore, the program will be carried out by the academic members concerning public health, economics, health management, statistics, digital decision-making techniques, clinical and result research.

The program has been designed specifically to give academic competence to and complete formal education of personnel who will or are likely to take responsibility in hospitals, clinical laboratories, public and private health centres, public agencies dealing with management and financing of health services, private insurance companies, drug companies, and companies distributing medical devices.

The knowledge and experience of those graduated from this program will contribute to obtaining significant acquirement in rational drug use, licensing and pharmacoeconomic applications so that limited resources allocated to medical area can be used effectively, efficiently and economically.

To meet the requirement for work force of our country, Lokman Hekim University, Health Economy Master’s Degree Program with Thesis was initiated by the resolution of Council of Higher Education on 17.03.2021. The course language is Turkish, however, sources in foreign language (English) are also used during the study period.


Acquired Degree

Master’s Degree on Health Economy


Acceptance and Enrolment Conditions

Student’s application for, acceptance and final enrolment to Health Economy Master’s Degree Program with Thesis is carried out in accordance with Postgraduate Education Instruction of Institute of Medical Sciences, Lokman Hekim University.

Furthermore, specific conditions required from the applied students, place and date of entrance exam are determined with recommendation of Department and Institute’s Management Board’s resolution prior to each application period; it is announced prior to applications.

The students with bachelor’s degree (from university departments providing 4-year education) and other faculty graduates who have a bachelor’s degree as deemed appropriate by the recommendation of Department Academic Board and by the Institute Council may apply to Health Economy Master’s Degree Program with Thesis.

Turkish or foreign students who have completed an undergraduate program in foreign countries must have a certificate of equivalence or certificate of recognition issued by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

The score for ALES (SAY/EA) must not be less than 55 for the applications to program as determined by the Institute Board.

The students who meet the application conditions must take the scientific assessment exam (written exam and/or interview).

Calculation of general final grade is based on the ALES score, grade point average of undergraduate graduation and the result of scientific assessment exam. The students will be entitled to final enrolment within the specified quota on the basis of general final grade ranking.

Recognition of Previous Studies

To have a university bachelor’s degree

Qualification Conditions and Rules

To be graduated from the Health Economy Master’s Degree Program with Thesis, the students are required to complete minimum 21 credits and 120 ECTS (minimum seven courses, seminar course and thesis study). Seminar course and thesis study do not require any credits and are considered pass/failure. Even if the student has courses with credit transfer, they must take minimum half of the total credit required by their program from their own program. If the counselor deems appropriate and necessary, they may chose courses from other programs. Postgraduate Education and Exam Regulation of Lokman Hekim University shall apply to assessment of student course success.

Objectives of Program

The objective of the Health Economy Master’s Degree Program is to improve healthcare services, allow acquirement of knowledge and skills, and educate qualified work force required by the health sector in order to use resources allocated to health in more effective and more efficient manner due to increased health expenses at national and international level in accordance with rules for general economy science and assessment techniques.

In line with this objective, students graduated from this program are expected to have research, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, independent decision-making, following current scientific information and technologies, taking responsibilities and accountability, being a leader to provide guidance to their colleagues, and basic qualifications such as professional values and ethical sensitivity.

Program Qualifications (Acquirements)

  1. To have current conceptual information on the economy, health economy and drug economy disciplines, understanding of administration and public health policies, and ability for analytical interpretation,
  2. Ability to solve health economy problems and development of creative solutions,
  3. Ability to use economic analysis techniques for health technology and drug assessments,
  4. Ability to conduct advanced qualitative and quantitative analyses in health economy and to interpret the results,
  5. Critical and innovative thinking regarding problems with health economy, and use of current scientific methods and techniques for decision-making and problem solving,
  6. Monitoring changes in the health economy and producing solutions specific to country’s health system,
  7. Following scientific research processes and management’s ethical and publication principles.

Employment Opportunities

Students graduated from the Health Economy Master’s Degree Program are employed by any healthcare institutions and organizations, including medicine and medical device organizations as expert responsible for administrative affairs and mid-level manager/senior manager.


Transfer to Upper Programs

Students graduated from the Health Economy Master’s Degree Program with Thesis may apply to doctorate program if they meet the other required conditions.

Assessment and Evaluation

The students receive a course final grade for each course at the end of the half-term. The course final grade is calculated by assessment of success achieved by the student during the half-term (mid-term exams, assignments, applied studies, projects, laboratory and similar activities) and general exam together. The program courses must be successfully completed in maximum two years with general point average of minimum 2.50.

Graduation Conditions

For students to be graduated from the Health Economy Master’s Degree Program with Thesis, they are required to complete all the courses in the program successfully, have minimum 120 ECTS credits, and have a grade point average of minimum 2.50 out of 4.00. A student in the master’s degree program with thesis is required to prepare a thesis on their field, write the thesis results in accordance with the institute’s rules for writing a thesis, and verbally defend their thesis before the jury after completion of courses. The student’s graduation date is the date of thesis exam when the master’s degree thesis is accepted.

Study Type

Study type is full-time. When necessary, courses and exams may be taken after the end of working hours during the week and/or on the Saturday and Sunday.

Program Supervisor and Contact Details

Prof Dr İsmet Şahin

Department Head of Health Management

E-mail: ismet.sahin@lokmanhekim.edu.tr

Phone: 444 8 548, Extension: 6214